Aztec Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of photography do you do?  We specialise in children and family photography.

Do you have a studio?  No, we come to your home with our mobile studio.

How much room do you require?  The white paper backdrop is 7ft wide, but you should allow a 9ft width to accommodate the stands and lighting with about an 8ft depth.

How long does it take to set up?  About half an hour.

Do you use flash?  No, we use continuous lighting which gives a soft natural overall effect.

What should we wear?  Whether you dress formally or casually, be comfortable.  If you are having a group photograph then coordinating colours are pleasing on the eye.  Bold strong colours give greater contrast and if you are looking to have black and white then plain dark colours work particularly well.

How long will the session last?  Up to an hour depending on the shots you are looking for and the ages of the children.

When will I view and order my pictures?  Since the photographs are taken digitally, we bring a laptop to the session so you can view all the photographs taken and order immediately.

Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we accept cheques and credit or debit cards paid on the day of the photo shoot.

How long before we receive our prints?  It takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

 Will we be able to order re-prints? Yes, simply complete the re-order form and post it back to us, alternatively call us to give your payment details over the phone.