As lifestyle needs and services evolve through time, more job positions are created. In fact, if you would be browsing the Classified Ads nowadays, you can encounter certain terms that seem to not exist decades ago. Terms like white collar jobs, blue collar jobs, and home based jobs are present, along with the popular ‘hospitality management jobs’.

But what are hospitality management jobs anyway? If you’re not familiar with this kind of professional field, here are the essentials that you need to know about the said area of expertise.

Basic Definition

To put it short, these are basically jobs or professions that generally deal with hospitality. The main principle here is that you cater services to other people so that they would feel more welcome wherever place that the service is catered. Thus, the main job here is to become hospitable and accommodating to whomever you are serving.

Even though the given definition seems simple, you should know that this does not only pertain to one specific job. There are a number of ways that you can be hospitable and make someone feel at home. This is why there are also various fields under hospitality management that you can venture into, if you think you have that kind of niche for the position.

The Crew

In the field of hospitality, it doesn’t really matter if you would be serving your client face to face or not. In fact, more often than not, jobs in this kind of field would include service in the backstage arena such as chefs, planners and other positions that involve planning and preparations. However, positions subjected to more exposure to customers are usually those that involve upfront services like receptionists, waiters, waitresses, concierge, park administrators, casino personnel, and the like.

The Working Environment

There is also a vast field of choices of where you can work in this kind of field. For instance, restaurants and cafe’s could be one good starting point. Additionally, you can work in bed and breakfast accommodations and hotels. Casinos are also one good working environment where you could expect to have big tips. Resorts and museums are also viable. And the best part is you can work in cruise ships and have the chance to travel all over the world!

It is also possible that you put up your own business. This is much true if you have decided to specialize one a course related to culinary arts. You can put up your own restaurant, if you want to. If you specialized on the tourism field, you could put up your own travel agency.


The good thing with this kind of career is that it is very lucrative. Your effort is very much rewarded equally with your salary. However, how big you earn would definitely depend on your position and specialty. Sometimes there are companies that pay by the hour. There are companies too that pay annually.


Since there are different job positions in this kind of career, there are also different requirements. For instance, there are jobs that don’t really require a diploma and accept high school graduates. Usually positions like these would include housekeeping services of hotels. There are positions however that require educational backgrounds like chefs in which you should have finished a degree in culinary arts.