It should be noted that recently, NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training) also introduced a standard curriculum model for all playschools, otherwise a highly unregulated region.

As a national franchisor puts it, “In the Franchise Model, 15 plus lakhs must be invested in the acquisition of a franchise, and, from then on, royalty payments of 20% must be charged. The Franchise has to run the show with 80% of the collections. This requires a lot of maintenance costs and revenues are not adequate.

As a result, today’s non-franchisee zero royalty model school is one of the best choices on the market. It comes with a very limited investment option and no benefit or royalty sharing with the company. This model is rapidly entering the market. Any entrepreneur who wants to start a preschool with less investment is looking for this kind of company. And today, you’re going to get a lot of these players on the market. They have 360 degrees of support to the curriculum, marketing, management, training, etc. “Investment in information pays the best interest,” a well-quoted author, Benjamin Franklin.